Incredibly grateful for the kind words and inspiration from Dondre Whitfield for my new book Toxik: In the Narcissist’s Web.

Dondre wrote the book Male Vs Man. It has some great insight as to what may cause a male to become a narcissist.

He’s also an Emmy nominated actor and has been in several movies, on numerous TV shows including All My Children, and co-hosted with Kelly Ripa.

Thank you, Dondre!


Heart-wrenching. Explicit. Raw and Real

This story could be instrumental in helping someone else see the signs of mental abuse and recognize if they or someone they love may be at risk. It’s full of real and raw experiences of how abusers evolve, escalate and cycle through their manipulative behavior. And how the mind of a person so deeply involved cannot see they are being manipulated and justifying the actions of the abuser. It feels deeply personal, like reading the diary of a friend. ~ READER REVIEW


I read a lot and this isn’t my usual type of book but I gave it shot because a friend recommended it. OMG…I was shocked. It was just as captivating as any Grisham book I’ve read. ~ TS REVIEWS

Great Read

This is a great read for anyone dealing with a narcissist, and how they abuse and control their victims. If you fit the category, you definitely need to read this, and if you don’t fit it, read the book to better understand why people continue to go back to the same hell. ~ DAVID H

Loving Yourself Enough

I enjoyed the book and how well the story was written, almost as if I was there and observing this narcissistic behavior. It’s a very good reminder that we must love ourselves enough to see the difference between real love and being used. It hit very close to home! I hope the story helps any young woman realize she doesn’t have to accept that bad love in order to be loved! ~ KK REVIEWS

From the first paragraph, it’s like you are right there with her

The deep emotions that she is revealing, trying to figure out what has gone wrong in her world. As the story unfolds on what led to her ending up in a holding cell, I was on the edge of my seat. I wanted to hurry and read each page so I could get to the next to see what is going to happen.” ~ READER REVIEW

Page Turner – you won’t want to put this down

Easy to read and relatable on so many levels! Highly recommend it if you or anyone you know might be in a relationship that you might consider “controlling”. The author introduced mental health concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Very digestible – thank you for sharing your story! ~ CHRIS

Couldn’t Stop Reading this

This book has so much compassion- heartbreak- and the insight really gets you thinking OMG that was me or it could be someone you love and I need to share this because it explains how the path of destruction happens so slowly you don’t even realize it. ~ PAT C