The Forgiveness Myth

We are told to heal, you must: Forgive but never forget. Forgive them and move on. Forgive them for you, not for them. Forgiveness is the key to healing.  Blah, blah, blah…   And, according to the dictionary, to forgive is to: Pardon. Excuse. Absolve. Let off. Make allowances for. Let bygones be bygones.   To me, forgiveness isContinue reading “The Forgiveness Myth”

The Story in our Head

We all talk to ourselves every day – nonstop conversation, making decisions, and telling stories. So often, this is a good thing – how else would we navigate through life?   Often, though, we hurt our own feelings in these conversations and stories. For example, we make up a scenario where we are imperfect, and someoneContinue reading “The Story in our Head”